Fundraising Program

Looking for a fundraiser for your church group, club, sports team or class? We can help and it’s a simple program that keeps more money in your pockets and everybody you know will love what you have to offer……….Beef Jerky!

  • Think of your last fundraising projects you were involved with.  Was it some kind of chocolate? There are all kinds of chocolate bars and who doesn’t like chocolate. But, how do you keep it from melting in the summer months?
  • Papa Murphy’s Pizza?  It’s a good one, too. But, there’s not a Papa Murphy’s everywhere.
  • Cookie dough?  Heck yah, who doesn’t love yummy chocolate chip cookie dough?  But, wait.  How do you ship these quickly or keep it cold without spending excessive amounts of money on dry ice just to ship it across the country to Grandma & Grandpa?

Why don’t you try something new for your fundraiser that’s out of the ordinary, is not melted in the package when you get it, and is not something that is easily made in kitchens around the world?   What if you could offer some of the world’s best selling snacks, with competitively priced fundraising profits? Seem too good to be true?

Welcome to the Wood Creek BBQ jerky fundraising program.  We offer a natural jerky with hickory smoke Brisket beef made fresh in the U.S.A.  All of our beef jerky is made with NO Preservatives or MSG, NO Nitrates, NO Fillers and NO binders of any kind.  In addition we pride ourselves in the fact that our beef jerky has a LOWER SODIUM CONTENT than most commercial manufacturers or grocery stores.  We always use the best ingredients and the highest quality Brisket cut of beef.  Our beef is never chopped, pressed, or formed.  Simply put, our jerky is healthy and will put a smile on your face through this fundraising program.  The program is simple:

  1. Download our FundRaising Form Here!  There are 15 Beef Flavors, 5 Bacon Flavors, and 5 Turkey Flavor choices to choose from.
  2. Contact neighbors, friends, family, businesses, or whoever will want some of the best beef jerky around and fill in your FundRaising Form with your jerky choices.
  3. Email your completed form to:
  4. Your jerky orders will be made fresh to order.  Jerky will take about 10 business days to complete and will be shipped via UPS or FedEx to your designated location.  Shipping cost is included in your jerky cost to make your beef jerky fundraiser simple and straight forward.

That’s it!  Fundraiser done!  And the best part…..DRUMROLL……You’ll profit $2-3.00+ / bag sold depending what you sell them for!  And believe us when we say that most people will buy more than one bag at the offer price.  Simple, Profitable, Fun!  Start Today!

If you’re interested in working with us for your next fundraising project, feel free to call us at 801-918-7768 for more information and the specifics of this fundraising program.

Download the Wood Creek BBQ Jerky Fundraiser Form